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LEAP is an accelerator helping startups and young businesses to leap on to a next ladder. Supplying more than just money, Leap brings a network of connections, experience, operational assistance and mentoring to promising entrepreneurs with innovational and game-changing ideas.


What is

What do we do and how we do it

LEAP’s strategy is to help startups and other companies to succeed and in turn become successful. The tools we use are quite simply: sweat & equity. With sweat we will help the company to LEAP to new levels with our substance. With equity, we make the investment to enable the growth.

Why do
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Passion for entrepreneur journeys

We believe that with entrepreneurship you can make a change. At Leap, our founders are very inspired by entrepreneurship. We can add value to your business and be a part of your success story.

Anssi Kiviranta



Anssi has been founding several successful journeys since 2000. He came up with an idea of a new kind of online tv-guide Telkku.com and lead the company from a zero to 1 million user online service. Telkku.com was acquired by Alma Media Oyj in 2008. Anssi is also a co-founder of Bo LKV, a disruptive real estate company and a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2015. In just a few years Bo LKV has grown from zero to 23 000 000€ (2019) in revenue with almost 200 professionals.

Matias Mäenpää



Matias is a strongly business focused professional, who has built a B2B service company from 800 000€ to 17 000 000€ in revenue. Until 2017, Matias was one of the owners before it was acquired by Visma. He is continuing as Managing Director at the company and seeking strong growth with more than 130 professionals in the organization. In addition, his experience in start-ups has been as an advisor and an investor in SaaS businesses.


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We have worked with a mix of companies in various industrial sectors


The fastest growing real estate company with a strong lifestyle brand, own disruptive concept and a team of the best professionals in Finland.

Pappila Penkkala Group (acquired by Visma Group 2017)

Highly digitalized B2B service in accounting, invoicing, collection and legal serving more than 10,000 B2B customers with the help of 130 professionals.


Hostaway turns Airbnb hosts into professional property managers. The mobile app gives them all the tools needed to compete with hotels and other vacation rentals, including sales channel management, dynamic pricing and hospitality services. Hostaway offices are located in Toronto, Barcelona and Helsinki.


NurseBuddy is a Finnish SaaS software making most of the revenue in the UK. For eg, Pihlajalinna is using SaaS to deliver their customer experience. Nursebuddy offices are located in Dublin and Tampere.


Drop is a fast growing design company with own unique design products. The most known product is an award-winning scandinavian design pool with a unique patented design and a differentiated concept.


Scoopify is a disruptive concept in the field of journalism and content creation. With crowdsourcing Scoopify is providing a more efficient way to get content for media companies.

Telkku.com (acquired by Alma Media Oyj 2008)

The most popular tv-guide in Finland, which has also been one of the most respected online brands many years in a row.

Iltapulu (partly acquired by Sanoma Media Finland Oy, 2017)

The most grown tv-guide in recent years. Iltapulu aims to be the most user friendly tv-guide and has already over 200 000 unique weekly users.


Serviceform is a SaaS software that allows any business to easily create their own customised booking system the way the like it. Helping businesses with their core needs such as; Availability management, taking payments online, qualifying leads and generating automatic quotes and invoices.


Saavu is a modern chat-based communication tool for events that works intuitively for the event attendees. Saavu is here to disrupt the ways of communication in modern ways.


TABLEBED is a smart solution if you want to use the square meters in your apartment, house or summer house efficiently. With the innovative patented mechanism the furniture can easily be turned from a table into a bed, and vice versa.


Hotelway provides professional management of guest engagement for hotels.

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